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Quiet Time Jewelry

Wild & Free - Reclaimed Silver Cuff

Wild & Free - Reclaimed Silver Cuff

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"Wild & Free" cuff, for those who love, work and play with enthusiasm. Who love the outdoors, rain or shine. Who march to the beat of the music in their heads, tuning out the noise around them.

Reclaimed, renewed and rustic ~ a few words that describe these cuffs. Melted down, rolled flat, fused with silver dust and given a new purpose. One of encouragement and positivity. Each cuff is unique. You'll see some rough areas, some rustic flaws, but also beauty and strength - like so many of us. I hope you enjoy my latest collection.

Message: Wild & Free

Width of Cuff: 1/4-inch

Cuff Circumference: 5-1/2 inches

Cuff Diameter: 2-3/8 inches

Cuff Opening: 1-inch 

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